Facebook and Academics

April 15, 2009 at 12:43 pm (Facebook- SNS)


I ran across the above site and thought it was very interesting.  There studies show that those who use Facebook frequently, score lower on tests (and receive lower scores academically because of the time spent away from academic areas).  I’m not agreeing with this post, only wanted to share the topic.  I feel it is based on your abilities and focus.  If you’re more focused on communicating and socializing, then you’ll probably do poorly on exams if you lacked the time for studying.  In my opinion, it relies heavily on your dedication and motivation towards academics.  Facebook is only an addend to your life…makes it possible to communicate with many people at one time.



  1. TeacherToolBox said,

    I think it all relies in your dedication and motivation towards academics. People who want to succeed will. Those who goof off on Facebook and avoid work would probably just waste their studying time on something else if Facebook had never been invented. However, I will say that sometimes I have every intention of working on my lesson plans, but choose to check Facebook first…..and it amazes me how much time I can waste on Facebook. Twenty or thirty minutes will have passed, when I had only intended on logging on for 5 minutes.

  2. Diana said,

    That’s true. I know personally, I’ve spent more time socializing than working. However, when it comes to being serious about academics, my priorities are straight.

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