Facebook Update

April 2, 2009 at 3:17 pm (Facebook- SNS)

Okay…this is crazy!  I caught myself totally addicted to my Facebook.  I spent four hours yesterday looking up people I’ve not seen in ages.  Totally neglected my children! Must keep a close eye on that.  Thank God I work during the day.  Now that I established some friends, let the chatting begin.  I’m learning more; however, still not experienced with the gifts, challenges, etc.  I must say, I’ve enjoyed the experience thus far.  I’m a little nervous about others seeing my profile, etc.  I went and changed my privacy settings; however, now I think I’ve blocked others from seeing my profile.  I clicked Only Friends to view but that doesn’t always work.  I like this much better than MySpace but the entire wall postings become a little cluttered (viewing other’s posts).



  1. Kim Cooper said,

    I did the same thing when I first started my Facebook account! I was totally hooked and would spend hours on it without even realizing the amount of time that I had spent on it. Now I’m to the point where I don’t even log in unless I have lots of time available because I know that once I’ve logged in, I’ll want to look around for awhile!

  2. Jennfier said,

    I totally agree! I have found myslef on Facebook a lot this week, more than normal since we are on spring break. I have found that some people have way to much free time to be on there all day. I have one “friend” who is on it all day sending silly stuff. She is doing this from work. My step daughter tells me she is also doing the same on My Space.
    I enjoy getting to see things from others and talking to them as well. The other stuff though, like the gifts and challenges, I don’t really care for. The best part about it yesterday for me was that someone I graduated high school with was having a baby and some people who were there were keeping thier facebook updated with post about her progress. 🙂

  3. Diana said,

    I agree Jennifer; I’m not into the gifts and challenges. Who has time when they have a full time family? I barely have time to check my wall. I love talking to those I’ve not seen in a while.

  4. teachertoolbox said,

    It is addictive, isn’t it? I used to make fun of my sister and my husband because they had Facebook accounts. I gave them a hard time for wasting time on the computer, but now that I have my own FB account, I am hooked too. My bad habit is that I choose to check FB first instead of working on my lesson plans, and then I find that I’ve wasted time on FB when I should have been working instead. It is nice to catch up with friends on Facebook though.

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