Education and the Preserving of Culture

March 28, 2009 at 1:10 pm (Uncategorized)

Education plays a huge role in the preservation of culture.  When people are educated on the cultures and beliefs of others it enables us to keep those traditions alive.  However, one must be careful to preserve culture and not underestimate the abilities of students from different cultures.  Education is the foundation for upholding cultures.   Educators should be sensitive to those differences and approach with care and caution.  Education is based on the cultures of others.  We learn (and become educated) based on what we’ve learned from others.  In order to preserve culture, it must begin through education.  We should make sure to educate based on the many cultures of our world and handle with care in the educational setting.  Teaching and learning should be based on multiple views and enter the classroom open- minded.  



  1. Nate said,

    What happens when culture changes faster than education?

    Does that mean education is the obstacle?

  2. Diana said,

    In my opinion, education is not always the obstacle. Education is still the vast term we use when one learns about culture. No matter how fast the culture changes, the roots of the culture are preserved through education. Yes, many times cultures change creating more obstacles in education; however, that to say that education is the obstacle would be too obscure.

  3. Nate said,

    Maybe I’m being too obscure.

    If it’s the role of education to teach about the culture, but the culture changes faster than education does, then the situation arises where the institutions of education are engaged in teaching that which doesn’t exist any more. The result is that either the institutions attempt to convince the populace that the culture has not changed, or suffers a significant disconnect from the culture that it’s supposed to be supporting.

    Are there other alternatives? Does this seem like anything you’ve seen?

  4. Diana Jackson said,

    HUM…. I see where you’re going. How can we teach when everything continues to change (culture speaking)? Yes, I do see that in our school system. Things change pace quickly that we’re behind in various ways (such as technology advancements within culture). Another alternative…continue to change and stay updated (which is a huge problem in our school system in general). Your thoughts…

  5. Nate said,

    I think we need something other than “school” but I’m not sure what that might be. It’s one of the reasons I like teaching this class. It gives me an excuse to think about what school will be superseded by.

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