Technology and Learning

March 27, 2009 at 8:16 pm (Uncategorized)

Technology helps us to learn in multiple ways.  The forms of technology we use allow us to have hands on manipulatives in order to grasp knowledge in different ways.  Games and interactive sites allow drill and practice in order to gain skills.  Educating with technology allows one to create a more engaging experience (environment) for students. 

Technology relates to learning in many different ways.  As mentioned in The Children’s Machine, technology creates an atmosphere for learning.  Not that it is always the best choice; however, when given the opportunity, students can learn a lot from technology.  When I think of technology and learning, I’m trying to think of the vast term and how they work together.  Many of my students, including myself, learn easier using technology.    Technology can be blogs (used among students and teachers), websites for research, and communication among others (from different cultures).  In my opinion, learning can and will in most cases occur through the use of technology.  The forms of technology continue to improve and change; therefore, creating more opportunity for change learning.  Making meaningful opportunities for learning that can connect to numerous ideas (such as technology) creates an atmosphere for more learning to occur (and more concrete practice of skills).

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