Papert’s View of the World/ Any Changes?

March 14, 2009 at 7:15 pm (Uncategorized)

I would consider Papert’s view a dream for all.  If his effort for educational reform were to put in action we would most definitely see positive changes.  More involvement from all could only mean more educational value.  In order for us to move into “the age of learning,” one must be ready for the change ahead.  Schools today are not ready for this change; yet, they still embark on unnecessary adventures.  I must agree totally with Papert’s view of schools (having a one way to know and learn).  They do not promote healthy change as they are more focused on testing and reading as the key to knowledge.  We feed children with words and algorithms and expect them to remember for life.  We don’t allow them to explore and own their learning. 

Papert’s view on using explorations to help children learn is a wonderful idea.  The children’s machine (knowledge machine) can help many gain knowledge.  It is full of ideas and explorations that can lead to knowledge (beyond tests and books).    Mega change MUST occur before we can truly bridge the gaps.  As Papert mentioned, it will take the efforts of many to make this mega change and schools are not ready for this change (until they put aside testing and accountability).  We do need more involvement from the community, educators, parents, and students.  We need the access to such knowledge machines to allow for exploration.  Yes, the mega change must occur within us before it will change for our children. 

This book has helped me to review my own philosophy in my classroom.  I must say that many changes have evolved since the book was written; however, we’re by no means near the age of learning.  As an educator, I want my students to learn as much as possible, but to really make that difference will require effort on more than just (the teacher) me.  I think we’re closer than before due to the manipulatives and resources we have available.  As a child, I can remember having few/ limited resources in my classroom.  We learned solely using textbooks and chalkboards.  Today we have much more such as computers, SmartBoards, Airliners, software, interactive books, etc.  The knowledge machine has made a huge difference in our modern world; however, we’re still lacking the involvement of many. 

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