Cultural Antithesis

February 22, 2009 at 2:24 am (Uncategorized)

I totally agree with Clarence Fisher as he explained that we should really teach our students about cooperation and collaboration. That is truly the most important traits one should have in order to survive in society. Competition is already at the utmost high because so many individuals want to be the best (deep down) and keep up with the Jones. Many want to look like the celebrities at any cost. Everyone wants to be a winner but with competition, there can only be a few. Where does that leave the losers? No matter what road the student chooses to travel, they’ll need to know how to cooperate with others and work together (college, work place, laws, etc). The world is full of collaboration, in and out of the classroom. What better trait to teach and pass forth to our next generation. If they grow up always competing, how will they learn how to cooperate and work together? They’re always competing against each other. I understand that competitions can also help students be recognized for their gifts and talents; however, making the world one big competition is not the answer.

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