Digital Technology

February 20, 2009 at 4:22 pm (Uncategorized)

The digital opportunity one has makes a difference in their contributions to society.  Those with access can do more with technology and interact with others via technology.  Those without access do not have that benefit.  Digital technology improves the level of equity because it allows more people to communicate and learn from one another.  Schools today are becoming more digital, allowing students a better chance for a diverse education.  That improves the level of equity because more access is becoming available.  Students who do not have access at home will likely have access at school.  It still doesn’t bridge the digital divide because those students do not have opportunities such as Facebook and MySpace.  Students have limited access at school; however, they’re still being exposed to technology.  How does lack of access effect culture?  Without access, their culture is affected because they only have one perspective and their judgment may be hindered based on their opportunities.  They’re less likely to use the resources because they don’t understand how.  We then have statistics that state more males/ females use technology more than the other, when the real problem is lack of education.  Our culture is effected by the lack of access because some cultures do not see the benefits of technology; therefore, limiting their willingness to use such.  When thinking in terms of technology and access, I think it is all based on one’s experience, attitude, and culture as to how it is utilized. 

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  1. jmpeck6102 said,

    I agree that a lack of access could cause one to have limited views on life. Being able to connect to others helps to expand one’s own self-identity. Those who do not have access at home should be given as many opportunities as possible to receive those tools at school.

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