Educational Equity

February 14, 2009 at 6:03 pm (Uncategorized)

Educational equity links to physical and instructional access for all. 

Educational Equity- making it possible must mean that everyone has similar materials to use (with accommodations). When referring to education; instruction , materials, interactions, and language are a big part of making educational equity possible. Students should have the same opportunities and educators should not take a bias approach towards access. When considering gender, it seems there are a lot of females taking online courses, using technology, etc. In my own classroom, it seems the boys are less likely to interact with technology verses the girls. Educators should make sure they interact with all students regardless of inabilities. When considering equity and NCLB, equity is the main key to leaving no child behind. Making access for all and meeting the accommodations for students (modifications with instruction, materials, language, and assessments) will allow you a better opportunity to meet the needs of your students and bridge barriers in the classroom. In terms of reality, I do not see equity being possible. There are too many factors that correlate with equity (parental issues being a main factor and the economy). The only way I could see equity being possible (not absolute solution) would be President Obama giving each family a sufficient amount of money to end the recession. That would allow more families to buy technology for their families (if spent correctly). Remember… I stated a possibility. Instead of belling out Banks and mortgages firms, they could give the money to the tax payers so they could make more access for their family. The money would be put back into the economy making it easier to survive. Yes, what about those that do not pay taxes…there should be stipulations for such stimulus packages (technology, etc). Is it desirable? Being an educator, I feel it is definitely desirable. I would love to see my students have the same access and opportunities (regardless of equity issues such as gender, economy, etc). Just my thoughts.


  1. amy03 said,

    [parental issues being a main factor and the economy)]

    I agree that parental factors are part of the solution and problem. I think about the comercial for PC and the four year old is sending a digital picture to her family. She does everything on her own. I never thought about teaching my son to do that but I think he could if I showed him enough. Those years before going into the educational system are so important to teach our children. We teach manners, morals, ABCs and so forth, but do we technology. My son loves interactive sites but I have to admitt that I do all the clicking. We have to get into the mindset that they can do more than we give them credit for. Saying that some homes are abusive, poor, drugs, and some parents aren’t around to interact. What do we do? I really don’t think we can close the gap completely because not matter what the state wants us to achieve, there are factors beyond our control.

  2. TeacherToolBox said,

    I also think it is interesting that the book mentions that boys are so much more interested in technology, however this program is full of women. I think times have changed some, however we also work in the field of education, which is primarily made up of women. This probably contributes to the reason there are so many women getting a degree in educational technology.

  3. dianaljackson said,

    Very true! As I read Matwyshyn’s Silicon Ceiling, I couldn’t believe the research. I would have thought women more than men. However, thinking back, commercials are always portraying technology as a “guy” thing (keeping in mind I don’t have a lot of television time). In my household, my husband and I are the only ones with computer experience. However, I have more experience with computers than my husband.

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