Article- Educational Access

January 22, 2009 at 7:31 pm (Uncategorized)

This is a very interesting article about bridging the digital divide.  It gives examples of how others globally are working to have educational access.  The article is Educational Blog Carnival found at Global Citizenship in a Virtual World (see link below).  The article explains how many are making educational access available.  It gives examples of what others are doing to provide computers and net access, free online resources, and many other topics related to educational access.  This article relates to Solomon’s precepts for educational access.  Many of the key points were addressed in the articles within the blog. The statement was made that “there’s lot of great stuff out there, but you can’t access it till you find it.”  Similar to a classmates post, it’s not a real tool unless you share it.  That may be the partial key to educational access; yet, there are still many more aspects that must be addressed.


  1. amy03 said,

    I feel that there are many free resources that can be used to further education. To further our education we have to go to a structured university and recieve a piece of paper to say we can teach this or that, which sometimes we may not. I think to open up access school systems need to start looking at communities liked tapped in and let us start taking credit for learning in the virtual world. What do you think?

  2. Diana said,

    Very true! If we can access more communities such as tapped in and Taking it Global, it would allow more access to online resources. Similar to some other blogs I’ve read, when you share ideas and communicate with others, we’re exposed to more resources. Sharing and communicating seems to be the best learning tool.

  3. jmpeck6102 said,

    “The statement was made that “there’s lot of great stuff out there, but you can’t access it till you find it.”

    I love this statement because it is so true. I think that is part of the problem for some teachers. They do not have the technological skills to find these great resources that are out there. Forming new “communities” such as Tapped In (like amy said) is imperative to the growth of teachers to keep up with this new culture.

  4. teachertoolbox said,

    I agree that there are a lot of free resources out there; you just need to know how to find them. Some people have the necessary skills to search and find these resources on their own, but there are many people (including many teachers) who struggle with this. Sites like Tapped In are great because you can link to other teachers for free! You can even receive “free” professional development by signing up for a class session. More communities like these are needed.

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