Introduction /EDUC 628

January 13, 2009 at 12:40 am (Uncategorized)

Hello, my name is Diana Jackson and I am a second grade teacher in Montgomery County.  I have two children (boys) Landon and Bryson.  I had my second child the day after Christmas.   We’re adjusting well and I’m enjoying my time off (but still a little slow).  As far as hobbies, I am usually busy taking care of my family.  I enjoy spending time with my kids and watching suspense movies.   I’m looking forward to watching  the upcoming movie “Taken.”   I also love photography and enjoy taking outdoor photos. I had a similar course last semester with Dr. Lowell and I learned  a lot.  From this course, I suspect to learn how the three areas work together and how I can use the information in my field of study.


  1. jacqulyneldridgeparsons said,

    Its nice to see you are taking this course Diana. And congrats on the new baby. I am glad everything went well and both you and the baby are healthy.

  2. dianaljackson said,

    Same to you…Thank you! He’s growing so fast. It’s amazing how they change in such a short period of time. Look forward to working with you again.

  3. amy03 said,

    Hi Diana! Looking foward to diving into this semester. How is baby boy?

  4. teachertoolbox said,

    Hi Diana,
    Be sure to take lots of pictures of Bryson….Keegan will turn 1 year old on Friday and I literally feel like I JUST had him. Time goes by even faster once you have 2 kids, it seems.

  5. dianaljackson said,

    I know exactly how you feel…he has already changed so much (in only three weeks). Adjusting to two is a major challenge. Balancing attention among the two seems like the biggest struggle. Time for me has been eliminated…but for a good cause. Thanks for the advice!

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