Course Reflection of EDUC 685

December 8, 2008 at 9:20 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the course and have learned a massive amount of information (that I wouldn’t have learned any other way).  At first, I thought this course was over rated to say the least.  My first reaction was how in the world I would manage this course, another course, teaching full time, and a full time family (with chores).  After I got the hang of the course, I really began to enjoy working with everyone and exploring different types of technology.  I’ve really enjoyed using my blog and I really like my education blog for work.  As far as my final project, I’ve learned a new way to communicate and collaborate with others.  I’ve really enjoyed sharing ideas with my coworkers.  I thought the ideas learned in the class were all very valuable.  I enjoyed blogging more about my field of study (primary education) rather than random topics.  I would like to subscribe to more blogs that can help me as an educator (with ideas, suggestions, etc).  Overall, I enjoyed the course and thought the work load made me stay on task and focused.  A major plus for this course was the availability of our professor.  It was so nice to have quick feedback when we had questions or concerns.  It was also very helpful to have assistance at times.  I really enjoyed using Instant Messenger and would like to see more online professors use this resource.  I’ve taking many online courses and the only source of communication was email.  I rarely ever received a returned response.  That is definitely one wonderful quality about 685. 


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