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November 13, 2008 at 1:43 am (Uncategorized)

I’ve started my final project and it’s well on its way.  However, I’m having some trouble with the design.  I would like to organize my comments based on each category. For example, I would like to have reading, writing, math…etc in order so that viewers can click on a specific area of interest. I’m not sure if that is possible. As of right now, it looks cluttered (and unorganized) to me.  I’ve spent two hours trying to figure it out…going to take a break.   Any suggestions are appreciated?  Feel free to check it out…see link below.



  1. Nate said,

    Rather than “Place ideas here” … how about a sentence or two about what you’re looking for?

    You’ve added categories (altho you still have 3 posts without a category).

    The other idea is to have your fellow teachers actually create an account and log in as “authors” so they can post their own ideas under their own bylines. The categories would help organize it.

    One thing you might consider is making these pages instead of posts so you can take advantage of the page structures to organize navigation.

  2. Diana Jackson said,

    I discussed with many of the teachers here at the school about creating their own page and that was a NO. They stated they had “TOO MUCH TO DO.” So with that being said, I tried to make the working document as easy as possible (even though I still would like to have it more organized). In order to get others to participate and really make it a working document, I had to make it as simple as possible. Any suggestions for motivation. I could try to pay each of them but then I would be broke (just kidding). I’m pulling my hair out…some of the teachers are very “old school.” It’s a miracle just getting them to participate.

  3. Nate said,

    There’s a Catch-22 here – by participating, the teachers might find ideas that they could use which would save them time, but since they don’t have time, they won’t put any in so there’ll be none for people to find … and the cycle goes round and round.

    Paying them isn’t the answer.

    The problem is time. Start throwing in some ideas … It may take a couple of iterations.

  4. Nate said,

    You might go outside the walls.

    Find other reading teachers who’d like to participate with you from elsewhere in the country …

  5. Diana Jackson said,

    Now, you know I would not pay them to complete the assignment (only being humorous). If I had to go through all that trouble…I would choose a different task. That is an idea…going outside the walls. I’ll see how far I can get with that. To be honest, the teachers here are willing to post simple websites and ideas (that don’t require hours of creating a page, etc). I’ve talked with them and also sent a newsletter. They seem excited about the project and opportunity. However, when I asked them to make a page of their own they said…”No Way…too much work.” However, we do have some teachers here that will be willing to put forth the extra effort…I’m discussing it with them. I personally like the page and feel it is workable; however, I would like my posts to be in a different order. I’ll work with it and see how to fix it. I wouldn’t mind making the separate pages; however, I’m not experienced with blogging (other than what we’ve done in your class). I’ll begin looking for tutorials, suggestions, etc. Thanks again for your suggestions!

  6. dianaljackson said,

    Amy Howard is the queen of all blogging! Just kidding! She showed me how to make pages. THANKS FOR THE IDEA! Thanks Amy! I think it will look much better!!!!

  7. Nate said,

    “I personally like the page and feel it is workable; however, I would like my posts to be in a different order.”

    Use pages, not posts, and with a little careful naming (so you can get them in the sequence you want), and the use of a template that lists posts where you want them, I think you can use a blog as a really easy kind of content management system.

    The other thing to mention to teachers is that it’s not REALLY that much “work” to make an entry. Offer to post it for them (and give them credit) if they’ll just email you a one paragraph suggestion … or a link and why they like it …

    Keep plugging!

    And keep talking about it.

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