Kearsley’s Keypoints on Research

November 7, 2008 at 4:55 pm (Uncategorized)

Kearsley addresses one key point of research on school-level impact.  Statistics show that scores increase by implementing technology in schools.  Students will benefit by using technology within their classrooms (i.e. Co-Nect Project).  He also addressed how the impact depends on the type of school and students involved.  I also feel that is very important to school-level impact.  In areas of poverty, students may not benefit as much as those in more fortunate areas (due to lack of participation at home).  Not to say that it will have no impact…more like less impact. Technology also increases attention and study skills.  Technology provides students with visuals and hands on manipulatives to use in the classroom.  It allows them to be more creative with their learning.  

Kearsley also addresses class interaction.  He states that “collaboration is common for online courses, but it is difficult to assess student learning in context.”  That was very interesting and valid.  It is difficult to assess student learning online because so much information can be pulled from other resources.  As Dr. Lowell had stated previously, one can usually tell when something is genuine (once you’ve established a rapport with your students).   

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