Final (Capstone) Project- REVISED

November 7, 2008 at 4:46 pm (Uncategorized)

I am going to create a school wide blog for my coworkers and I to collaborate and learn new ideas and website to enhance teaching in our classrooms.  The blog will be called “The Education Box.”  I’m going to email all teachers in our school and explain how the blog will work (address, password, etc).  I am then going to create an online newsletter for them to print for their records (with directions).  It is intended for teachers/ staff to collaborate and share ideas and strategies to use in the classroom.  Many times, I observe a teacher using a really neat website with his/ her students.  It would be nice to have a location (broken into categories/ content areas) where we could share ideas and sites.  Once the project is underway, I will be able to view the amount of participation (based on comments, feedback, and blog postings) to see if it is working.


  1. Nate said,

    Suggestion: Have each teacher create an account and login in their own name so they can maintain their identities. You’ll want to be able to acknowledge individual contributions.

  2. Diana Jackson said,

    Yes, that would be important. I didn’t think of that because I didn’t know how they would feel about creating their own blog. Many said they would contribute but had no idea how to blog. Therefore, I will list directions for creating a blog so they can be identified (in hope that they may use their blog to better assist their students). A classmate from 685 and I both work at the same school; would it be acceptable for us to collaborate with the school wide project (of course pulling our own wait for the project…just separate the content)? I teach primary and she currently teaches intermediate. I was going to create the primary education blog and she would do the same for intermediate (just an idea at the time). Any suggestions?

  3. Shonda Ash said,

    Great idea Diana. This will help the teachers in your school to feel more like they have a strong support system. Also having one cental location to share ideas and tip is something every school should have. If this project works well in your school you could expand it to include other schools in your county or further. Good luck, I hope this works well for you.

  4. Diana Jackson said,

    That’s true. If it works well I’ll have to try the district idea. I thought it would help us all with content areas. I love sharing ideas and websites that better assist my students. My theory…we’re all in it together…as a team. Thanks!!!!! Good luck with yours as well.

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