Are Students Learning?

October 24, 2008 at 12:04 am (Uncategorized)

How do we know if students are learning and our objectives are clear?  One must know exactly what goals and objectives they have for a given course.  There are different ways to assess student learning.  My personal favorite is assessing in small groups (giving a task and watching it be carried out).  I like to see my students complete the task (verses paper and pencil test).  I don’t see this being much different regardless of where you are.  If you were assessing using an online tool, answers could be given in steps to ease and better understand the thought process of your students.  In my opinion, assessing knowledge can be done anywhere.  It is basically up to “giving the right questions.”


  1. Elizabeth Freeman said,

    I do a lot of small group and individual tests. When I can see how the students carry out a task, it gives me a better insight to their thinking processes. A lot of the assessments that I do in class are informal, but I think that kid watching and taking notes on students can tell some viable information.

  2. Karen Adkins said,

    You have a very well thought out answer to how we can tell if students are learning. I like the point that we can make the answer come in steps so that the thought process is more clear. We could think of our capstone project in this class as a great way to assess our learning. In order to complete the project, we need to have learned something from this class.

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