The Last Outpost

October 19, 2008 at 2:23 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ve not had a chance over the weekend to play (busy schedule); however, I did play some on Thursday and Friday.  I’ve made it to the grasslands but am not brave enough to enter alone.  I took the bread to the janitor and feel a little more comfortable with the game routine.  I am trying to figure out the code words and how to use them.  I don’t really know what level I’m on at this time.  I plan to play more tonight and tomorrow.  My main concern is how to answer a request.  I know that it is a verb command but I’m still catching on (i.e. you’re thirsty…drink from the well).  I could not figure out how to successfully practice slashing.  I’m still working on that as well (my task for today).  So if anyone is wondering…I’m “Untried” and very inexperienced.  I’ve read some posts and noticed some have died several times.  That makes me a little worried.  It is a challenge playing the game without visuals.  The black screen can make the game not as engaging; however, who has time to worry about that…it’s very fast paced. 


  1. jfraley79 said,

    In order to practice slashing you need to go to the guild where you get the skill from. Then type ‘prac slashing’ and it should come up saying that you practice for a while. If you want to keep practicing until you can’t, keep typing it. And in order to check what level you are on type ‘level’. If you want to see how many more experience points you have type ‘sc’. This give you quite a bit of information. Hope this helps.

  2. dianaljackson said,

    Thanks! I made it to that step. It seems I’m out of coins and can not afford to pay for training. So I guess I’m stuck until I sell enough items to pay for the training. Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve typed score and level but they’re not broken into terms that I understand. I have absolutely no experience with gaming (especially mudding). Bear with me…I’m very rusty. Thanks again for your help!

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