Siemen’s Take on Connectivism

October 16, 2008 at 1:39 am (Uncategorized) ()

It seems connectivism is more than a learning theory.  To place it in a learning theory category would belittle the term. 

Siemen’s states that “Connectivism would, IMO, suffer from restricting definitions such as being a learning theory, which has to obey traditional criteria of an empirically provable but very narrow scope of application. Even though the theory is addressing extensive changes and emancipation, this will not increase the perceived scope of what the theory explains but, instead, the prevailing resistance against such changes will further diminish and restrict the conceded scope.”

After reading the post I can see how connectivism is so much more than a speculation.  Connecting knowledge and experiences is a world within itself.  One can not place it in a particular category because it is way too broad.  There are numerous ways to connect regardless of one’s particular theory.   


  1. Tom Whyte said,

    Regardless of the supposed scope of the original idea, we must consider is it actually learning if the only thing that is gaining knowledge is the “global brain” and us individual ants are doing nothing more than scurrying around looking for a better path. The problem is we are trying to personalize this approach when that is a fundamental issue, this is not personal, this learning theory does not care who we are, it cares about what we can share with the network. We are now again nothing more than a giant cog in a new machine…

  2. dianaljackson said,

    Interesting viewpoint! Sadly enough, I understand your take and must agree. It seems the true problem is the overall objective. In my opinion, we spend more time trying to figure out the “Why” instead of the “How.” I must say, not all theories are sharing with the network (in your terms) and are not focusing on the true meaning of theory. It is hard to place different learning aspects in one theory. This seems almost impossible (we’re all different and our way of thinking). Just my thoughts…

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