Responsibility/ Role of the Student

October 10, 2008 at 4:36 pm (Uncategorized) ()

Studies are conducted daily on the emphasis of student effort and involvement.  In my opinion, the number one role of the student in the classroom is to be a responsible citizen.  As I was searching for articles on the role of student, I ran across The Role of Student Responsibility in the Collegiate Experience by Todd Davis and Patricia Murrell.  I found this article (see tag) very interesting as it discusses the importance of responsibility.  The article explains how outcomes are tied to efforts that students put forth.  As I have stated numerous times, the attitude taken towards any particular circumstance plays a vital role on the outcome.  How much responsibility do we place on students?  It seems in elementary school, parents are being held accountable for student outcomes.  When will students be responsible for their learning and actions?  I truly believe it is imperative that students understand their role of being responsible citizens in order to be success students.


  1. Colby Johnson said,

    I agree, I never thought of school as a factory before. In elementary school student behavior can usually be blamed on the parent. Children need to be responsible citizens, but everyone doesn’t always have proper guidance at home. This is hard for the students, because their parents act the same way and they believe their actions are acceptable. When their mind starts developing more around late elementary school years they start realizing what is socially right and wrong.

  2. Diana Jackson said,

    Very true! Parents should be held accountable for their actions; however, children should also come with instruction manuals. My thoughts…if your child is with me the majority of the day, I should have some impact on your actions. When teaching your students to add and subtract…they’ll eventually catch on to the concept. Why is character education and responsibility so much different? Does parental guidance play a major role?

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