Meeting in the Middle (Teachers/ Students)

October 8, 2008 at 9:54 pm (Uncategorized)

I feel it is imperative to any classroom for teachers and students to learn from one another.  It is the vital role of any educator to realize that the world we live is constantly changing; therefore, there’s always something to learn.  If there’s a teachable moment (regardless of whom) it should be taken advantage of.  Teachers and students meeting in the middle is a great way to make the best of education (and bridging the gaps).  Students and teachers learn from one another in a spiral process.  They continue learning from each other and exploring their environment.  If students disagree and have a better way to add…by all means…let them give it a try.  What’s it going to hurt (Unless of course it’s incorrect)?  I feel allowing them to have opportunities to change roles gives learner more confidence in their own abilities.

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  1. Shellae Peters said,

    If the student is incorrect, let them try it anyway. That is a great learning tool for them and the rest of the class. Take Edison for example. He tried over 200 times to make the light bulb and only 1 way worked. When asked about it, he simply stated that he found over 200 ways not to create a light bulb. Never did he say this was a failure. This is basic scientific method.

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