Teachable Moments/ Are Roles Changing?

October 5, 2008 at 2:13 am (Uncategorized) ()

After reading numerous blogs, it’s obvious that the role of teacher has and is changing.  It seems as if many believe the roles of teacher extends far beyond instruction in the classroom.  We’re moving from traditional classrooms to more advance.  Expectations are higher than they’ve so much time teaching them how to do something and not enough time to practice.  ever been.  It seems more stress is placed on the instructor to deliver required content.  After reading Weblogg-ed, a comment grabbed my interest; “I wonder how many teachers are throwing out the curriculum at this point and focusing on real events that have real consequences.”  I know my main focus is teaching my students how to survive in the real world.  Who cares how fast they can count 5 + 4.  I want them to know why they need to know how to count.  It seems we waste valuable time teaching nonsense.  It’s time we focus on what’s truly important.  We need to teach them how to function and live in the real world.


  1. carla said,

    I totally agree. I think learning facts just for learning the facts is useless. Think about in this class. If we just learned the facts in this class, everyone would forget and wouldn’t care. But we are utilizing how to incoroperate how to use the facts for later in our professions/ life.

    Students get more out of learning when they understand the WHY behind it. I know I do.

  2. Diana Jackson said,

    Absolutely! The learner puts forth more effort when they understand “why.” When teaching about coins in math class, they need to know why they must count coins. Their attitudes change when you explain “because you can take money to the store and buy something.” In my opinion, real life experiences are very important and frankly we don’t give them enough. We send our students into the world after their graduate with a fairy tale idea of life. Then they must get the rude wake up call and learn to deal with life on their own (which I feel results to more crime, broken homes, etc).

  3. adelliott08 said,

    I feel the same way about fairy tales…very rarely is there a complete happy ending where we ride off into the sunset. I would just like to have a cashier be able to count back change…this is a real life situation where they would learn why they must count the coins. I actually had a cashier at our local retail store bring out paper to figure out the correct change even after my husband and I both told him how much it was…what was sad was that instead of doing basic math, he was making bubbles on the paper and filling them in while he counted.

  4. Amy Howard said,

    Do you feel that the community is used enough in the classroom? I know that collaberation with parents, students, teachers, and community are important. I find many times community is left out and if we use it more then students will get real life experiences. Bringing in citizens to help teach students how to be citizens is another way to teach.

  5. Diana Jackson said,

    I do not feel community is involved as much as needed. It would make a tremendously difference if more were involved and engaged (children’s academic success).

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