Relationship Between Teacher/ Learner

October 1, 2008 at 7:01 pm (Uncategorized) ()

In my opinion, the teacher and learner work hand in hand. It’s similar to a lock and key.  You must have one with the other (keeping in mind one could assume both roles of teacher and learner).  Many have taught themselves how to play the piano…assuming the role of teacher and learner.  In classroom terms, they work together for the best possible outcome.  They learn together, work together, achieve goals together.  One post from Digital Crosswalks had a wonderful quote about education…

The teacher who has given up the art of learning from his students should also give up the practice of learning.

… how can he lead his students to undertake for their own parts the creative interpretation of knowledge? The answer lies in part at least in the ability of the teacher to listen to his students, not with a view to appraising them, correcting their mistakes, and filling in the gaps in their knowledge, but rather in the constant and true expectation of learning something.

We’re always learning from one another (different ways of learning).  I attended a mathematics conference over the summer and that was their main theme.  Do not simply shot down a child’s response and say…good try but NO.  Get them to explain and you try to learn why their reasoning is such.  I do not step into my classroom as “I’m the teacher…you’re the kid…sit down, shut up, let’s begin this boring day.”  If I did, I would probably be fired and make my students not want to learn. 

When I think of relationship, I quickly think TEAMWORK, DEDICATION BY BOTH PARTIES, and SUCCESS!  Just my thoughts…


  1. Daniel Bennett said,

    Your blog got me thinking about teacher and learner. You said they work hand in hand, but that the learner can assume both roles. I think you are right, but I’m not certain a person has to be the teacher. What about a computer program that guides a student through learning. Who is the teacher? The learner, the computer, the program, ther software engineer, the curiculum designer? It really had me thinking for a while about who is the teacher and does the learner always become the teacher in a small way. Or is that just the learners side of the process.

    What about incidental learning. Babies do this all the time. They do something that hurts and BAM they know not to do it again. Who is the teacher in an instance like that? Is there no teacher. If the baby is the teacher, then we may have to redefine what a teacher is all together.

  2. dianaljackson said,

    That was my first response when thinking about teacher and learner being one. When my son picks up a can of soup and drops it on his foot. He not only taught himself a valuable lesson, but learned to not bother cans of soup because it could lead to injury. I was watching a television advertisement today about teaching babies to read. Yes…they could do it. I was planning to buy the kit myself (I’m a sucker). The website was It was very interesting and showed me that even 8 month old children can learn. I have taught myself about incidental learning and who being the teacher. For example, if little Johnny touches a hot stove, would Johnny be the teacher or the hot stove? As far as computer software…I think that would be considered the teacher. I think teacher is not defined strictly to a human body (more a learning tool). Just my thoughts…

  3. Nate said,

    “As far as computer software…I think that would be considered the teacher.”

    Why wouldn’t the teacher be the person who built the lesson that the software delivers?

    A book isn’t a teacher. The author is. How is software different?

  4. Diana Jackson said,

    Dr. Lowell,
    I guess that does make sense…someone created the software (with goal in mind). I was thinking in terms of delivery (the actual content that is delivered via software). Yes, the author of a book would be considered the teacher; however, if given a book and stated “Learn,” many would have different perceptions of the objective. I understand that someone created the software in order to be a tool (educational, etc). I guess my original thoughts stem from thinking about the actual delivery.

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