My Thoughts…Role of Teacher

October 1, 2008 at 6:46 pm (Uncategorized)

As I said previously, the role of a teacher consists of many responsibilities.  Not only does an educator have the role to educate, but one must assume the role of parent, nurse, counselor, friend, sibling, etc.  It goes far beyond teaching.  Before I became a full time teacher in my own classroom, I had no idea what was ahead.  The duties are far beyond teaching.  You have numerous students that come into your classroom with excess baggage.  On top of that…one is expected to get that child on the road to success. 

In my own classroom, my role is to give my students that best possible chance to succeed.  I am not a veteran teacher and do not teach to the test.  If I loose my job, I will at least walk away knowing that I did my best and wanted my students to learn more than just the test.  I have always put my students first and want them to enjoy learning.  Similar to this course, I like to give my students options for learning.  I do not hand them a worksheet and tell them to complete it (even though at times that works).  My main goal is to set academic objectives for my students and help them achieve their goals.  For each lesson, I try to assess student learning (even if it’s the simple checksheet or teacher observation). 

I do not feel roles should change regardless of classroom or online.  It is still a class with educator/ learner.  Objectives and rules for the class may differ; however, role as teacher should not.  I think both classroom and online learning should have guided inquiry experiences. 




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