Imposed or Within?

October 1, 2008 at 7:17 pm (Uncategorized)

Is the role of teacher imposed or within?  Some may say it is imposed because they feel forced to perform certain actions such as lesson plans, test practice, etc.  I feel the role of teacher is within.  The teacher accepts the role displayed.  I am not forced to be who I am.  If that were the case, I would work at Wal-Mart and clearly make the same salary.  I teach because I want to teach.  It is something that has been within since childhood.  I’ve had that desire to teach and be in control of my own learning. 

Yes, teachers often have things imposed upon them; however, that’s part of any job.  My husband paints helicopters…but at times he must do the odd jobs as well (because he is the lower man on the totem pole). It happens!!!  That’s life!  It saddens me to hear teachers complaining about their job.  If only they could change their attitude and the way they approach learning/ teaching.  Yes, I am not a veteran teacher but I do know that if my attitude is ever that vain, I will retire.  My students will be the only ones who suffer…I am proof.  I had a horrible elementary teacher that has haunted my educational career for life.  I don’t how she made it as long as she did.  She was a nightmare.  I do not want to be a nightmare to any one.  I want to have teaching arise from WITHIN.  I want to come to school to inspire (regardless of what the night before held) and encourage.  I have a family too and know that life is stressful.  It’s all in the attitude. 

So putting this in a nutshell, it’s only imposed upon you if you allow it to be.  If you stress about testing and doing your job…yeah…it’s imposed.  If it is truly from within, you’re doing your job.

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  1. Colby Johnson said,

    Thank you for making the comment about Wal-mart, because you’re correct! It sounds like you’re a teacher for the right reasons and which is good to hear. I had so many teachers in high school that hated it and lived for taking summers off. Maybe if they changed their attitudes students would feel more accepted in school.

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