Course Objectives

September 26, 2008 at 1:59 am (Uncategorized)

Course Objectives: Fact of life?  Or wishful thinking?

In my opinion, course objectives are a fact of life.  When creating something (regardless), one must have a plan.  When you create workable objectives, the overall outcome becomes much clearer and obtainable.  For course design or a classroom setting, objectives give the leader/ educator an idea of what it should contain or be about.  That could be in terms of a lesson, course design, activity, professional development. 

Regardless of the activity, one must have objectives.  I see them being a fact of life, because we often overlook the objectives in everyday life.  For example: a grocery list (or to-do list), pastor’s biblical notes, teacher guided lesson plans, outline for college course, etc.  One doesn’t realize how often we use objectives.  Yes, we do not always follow the objectives or at times they seem unobtainable, but we still have them. 


  1. amy03 said,

    Do you feel that you should have your objectives before you even start to plan? I know at times I find that I need to teach some skills before I can achieve my objectives in my lesson plan. Do you think you need to add objectives sometimes?

  2. Colby Johnson said,

    I think sometimes we change our objective halfway through the process. Unfortunately, that can be good or bad. You’re right we all have objectives a lot more than we realize and we got to have them. Yes, objectives are a fact of life.

  3. elizabeth685 said,

    I think that having objectives is really important. They keep me on track because my little people always find other things to talk about during a lesson. Sometimes it can be easy to get off track because they bring in other things that are important.
    I have changed objectives before in lessons when the students are not understanding the concept. Sometimes I have to rewind and reteach. In the end, the original objective will be met, but maybe not in the original lesson.

  4. Diana Jackson said,

    Absolutely! I think you should set clear obtainable objectives before the lesson (to know exactly why you’re teaching). Then modify them as needed (after the lesson). Your objectives will not always be met at first. To me, it’s similar to trial and error.

  5. amy03 said,

    Reflection after a lesson really helps me see what did and didn’t work. When something doesn’t work I look for another method of teaching. That is where our tool boxes can come in. Sometimes I just modify for one student if the lesson works for everyone else. Do you feel it is hard to modify for a whole class? Just wondering sense I teach small group.

  6. Diana Jackson said,

    You’re exactly right. Often times, we must modify or change our objectives during a lesson. I think that is based on the students we have. I think the main key is what Amy stated…REFLECTION. After giving it your best shot; go back and reflect. Then try again with new objectives that are easier to obtain.

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