Just My Thoughts- Sunday (FRUSTRATED)

September 21, 2008 at 1:34 pm (Uncategorized)


I don’t know if it’s me or something I’m doing wrong, but I can not send comments to others that do not use wordpress.  I have tried to send comments in both 688 and 685 and receive different statements of why my comment did not save.  I spent 10 minutes of my morning writing a comment to Jfraley and when I went to send the comment, it said the page would not work.  I’ve also received statements that I must sign into wordpress before commenting.  I followed the instructions and still had no luck.  It really makes you frustrated when you’ve spent time commenting and then it’s gone.  Thank God for Microsoft Word.  I always spell check before sending my comments or posts.  So please note that this is not my normal routine, but I’m going to post my comment to jfraley on my page.  Any suggestions for fixing this problem would be greatly appreciated; however, I’ve asked this question before and have had no luck.  The problem could stem from my computer.  Have a wonderful day!


Sounds like you’re a wonderful teacher!  If you didn’t worry about your students, I would worry about you as an educator.  Much emphasis has been placed on testing in schools today.  We can’t focus on the important issues because we much worry about the test.  I thought your post was interesting because I had recently finished reading my local newspaper and we had a huge article about the CATS test.  The school went above and beyond to give results to teachers and students (horse and cart, old’timer days).  Then they explained that there will be an increase in the academic index for the next year.  I’m sure the teachers were thrilled.  If only we could get excited about their learning and accomplishments in this fashion.  Get excited when Johnny knows how to count coins.  If we show them our excitement, maybe they’ll be more engaged to learn.  Just my thoughts…interesting post.


  1. Nate said,

    Let me know who’s blog you’re trying to comment on and I’ll work with them to relax the requirements. One of the problems is that some students use Blogspot.com blogs and THOSE may require blogspot logins, depending on how they’re set up.

    You can always use “Press This” to snag a portion of their blog post and post it on your own blog.

  2. Amy Howard said,

    When I leave a comment and it says I have to log into wordpress I go and do it, but then you have to go back to your dashboard and click on link there too. You will see it.

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