Advanced Toolbox for Distance Education

September 20, 2008 at 2:26 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m sure my advanced toolbox will be minimal considering there are numberous available resources with online environments.  I am only adding the ones I have experienced and feel are important.  I will update as needed.

Advanced Toolbox- these items would be in addition to my basic toolbox.

ActiveWorld (3D worlds) – where students could assume roles of different cultures (in social studies).  They could learn about different cultures and their diversity.


Blogs/ Discussion Boards- students could communicate with one another on topics related to a specific subject (or ask questions).


Tapped In Community/ Taking it Global- allows students to have online instant chats with other classmates, teachers, and other peers studying similar subjects.


Voice/ Audio tools such as Audacity- students could record their readings for fluency.  Students could also create educational related podcasts (hands-on assessment verses paper/ pencil).


Wikis- I would use this tool for editing purposes in English class.  


Games/ Simulations- I would use online games and simulations to reinforce concepts and aid the learning process.

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