Revenge of the Digital Immigrants

September 19, 2008 at 1:51 am (Uncategorized)

A very interesting post by Wesley Fryer (Moving at the Speed of Creativity) brought an interesting perspective to digital immigrants.  In his last post “Revenge of the Digital Immigrants- Teaching to the New Brain,” he discusses Hall Davidson’s (keynote speaker at the Oklahoma Technology Association Luncheon) view of digital immigrants verses natives.  Davidson had a very interesting view by far.   Fryer states that… “WE NOT ONLY NEED TO CHANGE DELIVERY, WE ALSO NEED TO CHANGE OUR FOCUS FROM BEING EXCLUSIVELY ON DELIVERY TO BEING MORE ON REMIX, PROSUMER, STUDENT-CREATED CONTENT.” 

If we want to get the content out there, we must find ways to accommodate and spice up the content (to meet the needs of our digital natives).  Hall believes we must change the way we deliver; however, I believe there should be equal importance on the way we deliver and what is being delivered.  I can deliver a wonderful message but if the content is not clear and precise it wouldn’t matter.  He gave numerous examples of delivery and ways in which the immigrant learns.  In my opinion, this was similar to Dr. Lowell’s views of the digital immigrant.  We all are learning, only at different speeds.  We all pop microwave popcorn the same.  Just my thoughts for today…

Check it out…


  1. Wesley Fryer said,

    I agree Diana! It’s not that we need to just repackage the same content in a multimedia/digital package, we also need to change the content and just as importantly change the learning tasks we provide for students.

  2. Diana Jackson said,

    Exactly! It seems we do more repackaging verses focusing on the student content and learning tasks. We can take anything original and place it with technology. I don’t feel it would be as beneficial to the learner. When the focus is on the learning task in order to provide quality education for learner, the difference will be evident. I enjoyed your post and similar thinking.

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