“My Thoughts”- Advanced Technology

September 17, 2008 at 12:24 am (Uncategorized)

Just my thoughts…

As I was preparing for the week, I thought I would address some important questions when considering advanced tools for distance education. 

The first question I would like to address is how MUD, MUSH, and MOO can be used for teaching and learning.  Keeping in mind that I have no personal experience with any of these tools except for audio, I’m going to give it my best shot.  In teaching and learning, one could MUD, MUSH, and MOO to create different classroom settings based on learning styles.  The learning environment could be more engaging and exciting for the learning.  The learner can use these tools to learn more about issues in the world, peer tutoring/ counseling, and communicating with diverse cultures.  The MUD, MUSH, and MOO could be used as role-playing elements to use in the classroom (simulations).  A MUD could add more active engagement in the classroom.   The MUSH and MOO could add different habitats of learning for individuals within a given course.  Allowing the learning environment to outside the realm of the classroom (or blackboard) allows for more collaboration, discussion, and learning.  Social gaming can add a lot to the classroom and make learning appear camouflaged to learner.

The second question I will address: how do wikispaces differ from blogs.  The main difference that I noticed between wikis and blogs is the editing availability.  Without my password, no one could edit my blog (unless they hacked into my account).  However; a wiki can be edited by viewers.  I would feel a little uncomfortable using wikis as an information tool in my own classroom.  It would be useful when making definitions better; however, content should be correct and precise. 

The third question: What are virtual worlds (Oddessey, ActiveWorlds, etc)? Have you ever wanted to leave the country for at least one day and recapture a few moments of your life.  Well…now you can…ActiveWorld, SecondLife, and Oddessey are all virtual worlds where people can go and pretend to live another life.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  I’ll have to try this the next time my husband wants to have a serious discussion.  “Be Back Honey, I’m going to France!”  One can create their own 3D world or visit other worlds.  I’ve not tried this out and to be honest I’m afraid to.  I might end up addicted and loosing my real family.  Who knows what the future holds?  From my interpretation, this is a simulation model (physical system) with Hi-fidelity.  Someone creates the virtual world because it is either too costly or unrealistic.

The fourth question: How effective are audio and visual mechanics? I have used audacity in my classroom and loved it.  This really helped my students become fluent readers.  They could hear their mistakes and could caution themselves when ending marks occurred.  There are many that can be used effectively in the learning setting.  Video and graphic tools add excitement to the classroom.  They can be used to create movies, visual tools, and keepsakes for learners.  I also used MovieMaker and created movies based on reading text and content learned within a given unit.  It was very effective and my students loved the tools. 

Last but not least: Is there a benefit for using the internet to keep you in your seat and quiet while being lectured? When I think of Lecture-ware, I think a boring movie that I can’t stop (in black and white).  Not to say that I feel there is not benefit’; however, the learner looses the importance of visuals and hands on learning that occurs within other settings.  For example, in EDUC 685, we’re always exploring new things and learning new ideas and tools that can be used in the classroom.  We’re also learning other information that will help us become well rounded individuals.  If this class were lecture based, where I had to sit at the computer at a certain time each day and listen to Dr. Lowell lecture (no offense), I probably wouldn’t enjoy the class as much.  Therefore; I probably wouldn’t put forth the effort to learn as much as well.  I like to explore and learn on my own.  That is not the normal routine and it seems more challenging.  I was never one who could learn by strict lecturing.  I found that boring and less engaging (my personal opinion).  So benefits, I’m not visualizing many benefits from this setting (but this could be based on my own personal experience with lectures).  

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  1. Wodek Szemberg said,

    You might be interested in a recent tv discussion on the future of education in 2050

    Here is the link


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