The Thinking Stick- Cultural Class

September 11, 2008 at 4:47 pm (Uncategorized)

Just in case you want to visit Thailand….this is a wonderful blog posted on the thinking stick.  After reading the article I tried to see how this would effect me and my learning.  It is interesting to learn how to communicate with one another (considering spoken language was the first form of technology).  It also discusses the communication symbol Wai. 

The most interesting part of this blog was the comment made concerning the class reflection.  Are teachers on the list of professions that deserve respect (based on his reflection)?  I’m sure this is a touchy subject for many.  Educators do not always feel they earn the respect deserved.  J

ust my thoughts…after reading Dr. Lowell’s post today, I see educators similar to tools in the classroom (please remember…I’m just releasing what’s in my head).  I see myself as a tool used in the classroom.  I can earn respect by using myself creatively and effectively.  How do I that?  I want to make sure that I always respect others and their learning abilities.  I also want to continue educating myself (which is why I teach).  I learn everyday from my students.  We learn together.  So should our toolboxes be similar or different?  I feel they should contain similar tools.  I want to use the same tool to help them use their tools (modeled instruction).  Without guidance, where we would we be?

Check out the link below…

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