Interesting Opportunity at Tapped In- Collaboration Community (Sat. 1:00 PM)

September 6, 2008 at 4:23 pm (Uncategorized)

After joining some groups on tapped in, I met a helpful individual by the name of Jeff (Cooper).  We talked about how to find more groups and he suggested visiting the collaboration community today (Saturday) at 1:00 (eastern time).  The funny thing about times…he told me the chat was from 10-12.  So this morning I got up and signed in and waited for a bit.  Then it hit me…different time zone.  So if I’m correct…the chat will begin at 1:00 Pm for us.  This chat will give you an opportunity to talk with many other individuals from the K-12 classroom setting.  Look for Jeff (owner).  He also explained how to set up your own classroom so that you can chat with your students.  Very interesting!  If  you’d like instructions let me know.  I not sure at this point how my second graders will use this; however, this will give me an opportunity to talk with others and get ideas from other second grade teachers. Seems like  useful information to me…thought I would share.  Maybe some will get this message in time to visit.

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