There’s Always a Problem If You Look Hard Enough

September 4, 2008 at 7:07 pm (Uncategorized)

Is the problem really online education?  Every one you meet has an opinion and it probably is different than yours.  No matter what or how one chooses to manage a class, job, chore, etc. it is up to that individual to make it work.  I think Dr. Lowell had a great analogy for online education (using example of drinking and driving).  It’s not the cars fault that one drove while under the influence.  The car did not make you drive or continue drinking for that matter.  You chose that decision and must pay the consequence if problems occur. 

 Similar to online education…it’s not all bad.  The professor can choose to place limitations for the course, but it’s basically up the individual to make it through the course.  If anyone is technologically illiterate, it is me.  However, I have successfully made it through 10+ online classes.  It is all based on ones attitude.  If you try hard and don’t TRY TO FIND A PROBLEM…you’ll succeed.  You’re learning from a different setting than usual and may seem a bit overwhelming at times.  Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.  As we’ve learned thus far in EDUC 685, the answer is at our fingertips; however, we must WORK to find it.


  1. carla said,

    Good point… society in general want to find the negative in everything. We (most of us) thrive on negativity. Negativity is just as bad in this world as the ‘evil’.

  2. Shonda Ash said,

    I like that you pointed out that a person doesn’t have to fully understand the technology to complete an online class. Many times people take their classes online for more convenience. Often these people only understand the parts of the internet they use most often. As this class has proven online classes can pull you out of your comfort areas and introduce you to new programs and areas of the internet. But these new things are easy to figure out if you just take the time and patience you can work through anything put in front of you. Just like you said we just need to avoid the negative and work on.

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