Pros and Cons- Distance Education

September 4, 2008 at 7:22 pm (Uncategorized)

Distance Education has both pros and cons.  One advantage is the flexibility that comes with distance education which makes it easier for working individuals to survive and continue their education.  It allows individuals to communicate within the course beyond the realm of the one-two hour course on Tuesdays.  It also exposes the individual to advanced technological devices that can be used within the work setting.  It teaches one to use other forms of communication to survive in the real world.  We live in a constantly changing world. 


Technology is on the rise and continues to develop.  In my opinion the biggest advantage is the exposure to all the new communication sources one can use in their life (ipod, podcasts, iphones, etc).  Could I really be honest with myself and state that regardless of courses, I would still stay on top of the technological advances?  By stating that, I would be lying.  I can barley keep up at this rate.


With all advantages come some disadvantages.  No physical contact when speaking with someone.  Not meaning that is required.  However, I can remember sitting in the classroom and talking with my neighbor about drama in the classroom.  I could feel their breath on my skin and could share the same utensils used in the classroom. 


Distance Education is just what is says…distance.  We are not going to have the traditional setting that we’re use to.  I think that aids the learning process for those up for the challenge.  Overall, I think the advantages out weighs the bad.  I would hate to be left behind and not know how to use a computer; however, my grandmother would beg to differ.  It’s a way of life for those in the digital world (yet we’re still digital immigrants).

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