USA Today- Health Report/ Chickenpox

September 3, 2008 at 1:46 am (Uncategorized) (, )

I chose this article because I was recently told my two year old was behind on his vaccinations.  Of course, it was the chickenpox vaccination.  I also received notification that we did have an occurrence of chickenpox in our school and that I was to be on guard due to pregnancy.  When I saw this article it caught my eye and looked very interesting. According to the article, recent outbreaks were occurring in children 9-11.  This was the age of the student in my school.  

 According to Liz Szabo with USA Today, chickenpox has decreased since children were given the vaccination over the past 10+ years.  However, children within the ages of 9-11 might not have had the opportunity to be vaccinated; therefore, resulting in outbreaks.  I realize how dangerous this could be.  Before becoming an educator, I just thought chickenpox was similar to poison ivy.  You itch, break out, and then it goes away.  I didn’t realize that it could require hospitalization or even lead to death. 

I understand that vaccinations are important and can save many lives; however, it can have other effects as well.  I had a family member that was perfectly normal at the age of five, had vaccinations for school, and months later lost ALL muscle functions (couldn’t even talk).  Doctors did tell her mother that they could not explain what happened but due to this happening soon after the shots, there was a grand possibility that shots could be the cause. She lived to the age of 20+. Of course they could never be certain but there were no signs prior to shots.

 I’ve always worried about vaccinations with my son.  I want him to be safe and stay healthy; however, I don’t want to inject anything into his body that could possibly affect his life in such a manner.  I see the huge knots for months, fever, tears, and it makes a mother mourn.  Maybe I’m just too sensitive.  Any thoughts or comments about vaccinations? This was a very interesting article and I suggest you check it out at the link below (chickenpox).


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