Problem with “Distance Learning” (Not “Distance Education”)

August 30, 2008 at 1:22 am (Uncategorized)

It’s amazing how education and learning (such similar terms in the education field) would be so different in terms of distance.  When referring to learning, it takes place within ones self (meaning no distance because it is single).  Education however is between two people where distance can appear.  So in terms of “Distance Learning” one can not have distance between their learning because no one controls your learning but you. 


  1. Shellae said,

    That is deep. I had never really thought about that but you make an excellent point.

  2. Amy Howard said,

    I feel that many students in the class got the terms confused. I took my personal experience with distance education and took off. I have done online courses and written correspondance courses and automatically went to my response in relation to those experiences. In actuallity it is learnng and your right it isn’t between two people it is the acceptance of what you want to learn.

  3. carla said,

    short and sweet and to the point. That is how i like it. if you would have written that earlier many people’s post would have been a lot shorter 🙂 Including mine.

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