Revised/ Revised Distance Learning

August 29, 2008 at 1:07 am (Uncategorized)

After a long discussion about distance learning, I now understand the whole reasoning for questioning distance learning.  Everyone is distant in learning because they are facing situations in different terms.  So one can not say distance learning would be a legitimate term because the two contradict themselves.  You can not have a legal murderer.  If it is legal…it wouldn’t be considered murder.  In those same terms you can’t have distance learning because they contradict themselves.  You always have distance in learning because that is the reason for learning.  So in order to give a definition of distance learning…would be hard to do.  In my last revised post, I did not quite understand the realm of distance learning.  I finally made it to the end of the tunnel.  Hope you can understand the post.  My brain types much faster than my fingers:-).


  1. Nate Lowell said,

    Soo close.. the problem here is you’ve swapped “learning” and “education” … Everyone is distant in EDUCATION … LEARNING is always internal and can have no distance.

    Distance Education is redundant.

    Distance Learning is the oxymoron.

  2. Jacqulyn Eldridge Parsons said,

    I agree completely. People are completely different when they approach learning. People live completely different lives. One person taking the class may be a young person who has no job no responsiblities and all the free time in the world. The next person may be a mother, a wife, and holds down a full time job. Having so much going on in her life that it is hard to find enough time in the day to do all of it. So in this sense these two people may approach a class that they are both taking online in completely different ways or methods. The first may do their assignment any time they feel free to and the other may have to wait until Saturday or late at night to do her assignment. She may have to do her assignment when she is free or caught up with everything else in her life.

    So I guess in this sense they are very distance. And their learning methods are very different.

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